Como Se Dice?

​Como Se Dice is an original game designed by Valor Para Todos volunteers. The game gets players asking questions, answering, laughing and experiencing some very humorous sound effects.


Homework Help

​Our volunteers are ready to assist with homework. Math, English grammar, creative writing skills, Social Studies and Science.

Interactive Language Skills Game

​Our Restaurant Game encourgages conversational skills in a fun and realistic way. This is another original game designed by Valor Para Todos volunteers.


Group Reading

Grade appropriate book selections or reading assigned reading from English class.

Poquito, Maripocito

We share cultural game tradtions while improving our conversationl skills. We play Poquito, Mariposita and traditional Spanish and English card games. On nice days we even play baseball, Marpocito or other fun outdoor games.


We celebrate each others birthday and holidays together. We explore both Spanish and English traditions. We even had some Victorian Christmas traditions at our Holiday Party 2015 and sang our carols in both Spanish and English.

Espanol Bingo

Learning numeric confidence and having fun!

Learning new skills - Electronics & Robotics


Creating opportunities to introduce new and exciting skills.Lego Robotics and electronic components 


Espanol " Guess Who" Advinia Quien? 

Fun game of guessing identity - A totally customized board game using the disguised faces of Valor Para Todos members!!!



Holiday crafts, sewing, drawing  and more.